Bring binoculars and/or telescope. (A scope will be available for you during the Itinerary)

If possible, bring regional bird’s guidebook. (Some guidebooks will be available for you during the Itinerary)

Wear appropiate clothing and shoes (Waterproof Boots or a spare pair of boots) to cope with weather conditions.

Bring sun block and insect repelent.

Avoid wearing bright coloured clothes that might denounce our presence.

Keep silent and, if neccesary, speak in low voice.

Avoid excesive gesticulation.

Keep your years, eyes and nose open to the sounds, movements, colours and smells of nature.

Prices: 2% of the amount is devoted to conservation projects in the visited regions, through the NGO AvesUruguay/BirdLife.For further information about these routes and about prices, please,

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