BIRDWATCHING TOURSAs you never experienced before

Our company specialises in arranging birdwatching tours in Uruguay.

From our base in Uruguay, gateway to the River Plate Basin, we invite you to enjoy your holidays travelling around and observing the most attractive ecosystems (grasslandnative forest, wetlands…) and wild birds in the region.

To that end, we have brought together the finest local ornithologists in our team. They will show you areas which, though rich in biodiversity and surprising landscapes, so far have been little explored by bird enthusiasts.

All throughout our work in the field, we promote such values as the respect and recuperation of ecosystems and species. Consequently, 2% of the total passenger’s fee is devoted to local conservation projects in the visited regions. 

If you share that passion with us, please get in touch… And enjoy nature! CONTACT US 


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